Hyper Match
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Hyper Match

Power-Control/Top Balance/PowerRails/HES Carbon/Vibradamp/RBS (375g)

Hyper Match photo
Hyper Match photo
Hyper Match photo
Hyper Match photo
Hyper Match photo

Hyper Match

The heaviest racket in the range

For the beginner and intermediate players that are looking for a racket that is easy to play and that provides extra power.

Oxdog’s unique drop shaped racket collection! Well balanced rackets that will help you in the defensive as well as the offensive game. PowerRibs in mid position enlarges the playing surface and increases power.

The DSH – Double Size Holes pattern increases balance and spin as well as improves the playability outside the sweet spot. RBS – Racket Balance System makes it possible to customize the balance of the racket. HES-Carbon that reacts faster, transfers energy into speed/power and increases the durability.

Vibradamp fiber in the middle of the handle to absorb vibrations, four silicon inserts (removable) for extra protection from vibrations and a two layer-construction with PU-top layer for best tackiness, embossed surface for maximum grip and perforation for sweat absortion. The Vibradamp reduces stress on your wrist, elbow and shoulder.

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  • Power-control


    Four different levels of gameplay characteristics, each optimized for better playability, from power to control. Control / Control-Power / Power-Control / Power

  • Balance


    The two frame balance options makes your racket give extra power, balance or a combination. With the RBS (Racket Balance System), you can tune the balance further to fit your personal playing style.

  • Vibradamp


    The unique VibradampTM fiber in the middle layer of the shaft absorbs vibration and the four silicone inserts on the outside wrap around it perfectly. VibradampTM reduces stress and helps you perform at a higher level.

  • RBS — Racket Balance System

    RBS — Racket Balance System

    RBS - Racket Balance System Every sport category has its details. With the RBS, you have the ability to adjust the racquet to perfectly fit your personal style The stainless steel weights change the balance point, the upper 4g weight gives more upper balance and the lower 8g weight gives a more even balance which also reduces the stress on your wrist. The 8g weight is removable and secured with a stainless steel screw, the 4g weight is secured with a 3M adhesive

  • Powerribs


    PowerRibsTM combined with HES-Carbon, transfer the power into greater speed and durability. Each racquet shape has its own specificity for maximum performance. Diamond: top position to optimize power and balance Drop: middle position to widen the playing area and increase power Round: lower position to transfer power higher for more speed

  • Material


    The unique HES-Carbon reacts faster and transfers maximum energy into speed, power and increased durability. Oxdog's unique carbon and resin process optimizes fiber performance and is especially effective in extreme products.
The more demanding the challenge, the better the HES system works!

  • Dural Moulded

    Dural Moulded

    With an extensive focus on tooling and production process our frames deliver top performance and durability, PowerRibs™ makes it even more optimized.

  • DSH — Double Size Holes

    DSH — Double Size Holes

    After extensive testing, the Double Size Hole was created to provide the best spin, power and balance. The DSH improves playability outside the sweet spot and maximizes power at the same time.

  • Shape


    The new market reference in Drop Oxdog's unique Drop shape combines superior feel and power. An easy to play shape that suits many players who use both Drop and Round shapes. PowerRibs in the center take performance to the next level.