We are very pleased to announce the arrival in the team of a new Oxdog player The first French player to trust in Oxdog. Ludovic Cancel « After 20 years of tennis, I've been playing padel for 5 years and I fell in love with this sport. I started to compete in the FIP Gold in Perpignan in June 2022 (reaching the 1/8 final) and the Premier Padel in Rolland Garros in July 2022. I am currently close to the top 300 in the world and will continue to seek my limits by challenging the best in the world. I am a versatile player, being able to play on the right and on the left. My favorite shots are the vibora and the forehand volleys. I chose Oxdog because of the quality of the products and the finish. My racquet is simply amazing, as it gives me power and control with a perfect balance. I am extremely happy to start my professional career with such a brand »


5 years ago I was explaining people in Belgium what was the sport I love. Today this is not necessary, everyone knows and talks about it - there's crazy fever! It's great to see that the padel knowledge is expanding exponentially every day and I can say I feel very proud to contribute sharing the knowledge and supporting the students to increase their levels. Without the oxdog family this would not be possible. The students can benefit from that by testing all the different rackets till they find a good fit for their game. I personally use the ultimate pro which is characterized for a beautiful design with diamond shape, not to heavy (365gr), having a medium foam giving a good balance between power and control and providing excellent results on your hands.


Maxime Pro Player and Top 160 World Ranking I started at the age of 11, I'm one of the first young Belgians to have started this sport so young. At 14 I joined the Belgian Junior National Team and 4 years later I entered the professional circuit ( FIP and Premier Padel). I appreciated Oxdog's approach in the world of padel, the contribution of new technologies, the choice of the range, the creative and new spirit of the product. I am very happy to start my professional career with such a brand. I play with the ULTIMATE PRO+


Stéphane P400 (alias Stouf) Formerly a tennis player, I've been passionate about padel for 5 years. As a certified trainer, oxdog immediately aroused my interest. My weapon? The Hyper Tour, which allows me to drastically improve my game. The control/power duality is magical. In addition, muscles and joints are radically "protected" by the VibraDamp system. Change your game now! 😉


Marie P500 and Top 20 Belgium Padel has been an integral part of my life for 2 years now. Having a good tennis base, I was able to blossom in this sport very quickly. Thanks to the Oxdog Ultimate match my game has evolved. The control and power of the racket have boosted my game's performance in terms of consistency and aggressiveness. The ultimate Pro + is incredible and can be summed up in three words: control, power and quality.


Kim P700 It's been 6 years since I literally fell in love with this wonderful sport! I was sponsored by a competitor brand, when Oxdog came to me to test their products. I became a fan of the power and control that the rackets provide and I absolutely did not hesitate to change for a better one! My weapon is the hyper pro, I think it has everything to please the advanced and pro players! It combines maneuverability, control and power all in a sober, beautiful and efficient design.